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Inspirational Stories

Quotes I walked into Julius (The Grinder) class and well I lost it from there. Julius was out of his mind, but he pushed me and challenged me to do more. I was up for the challenge and jumped in full force. Well that was the beginning of the life changing events for my life. After a month had passed and I had totally shocked my body the weight began melting off. It took my body almost three months to get into gear, but it happened with Patience, Endurance, Commitment, and Determination. Over the next 6 months I was transitioning into a Beautiful Butterfly. By Christmas I had lost over 40lbs and I kept going. More weight began coming off and that was it, I was going for the championship. My clothes were hanging, my body was changing, and my mind had transitioned. I lost another 27lbs and I realized that I could not wear any of my clothes even with belts. I dropped from a size 14 to a 6 and 8. I went beyond my maximum goal of a 10 and I feel great. Quotes
Angela Ackers
My Testimony

Quotes I started my journey to get healthy after realizing that at age 28, I had no business being on Bloodpressure medication. I knew that I had to do something and I also knew that it would not be easy. I walked in the gym in April 2009. My self esteem was low, I was nervous, but I knew that this was my last chance of turning my life around before I became diagnosed with all of the other health issues related to being obese. Julius of AMP Fitness was a Godsend, he started training me and motivating me to keep pushing, even when I felt like giving up.I am forever grateful. He has helped me to achieve what I though was the unreachable, and that is running. I still can't believe that I can run! After dropping over 40lbs and counting; I am no longer on bloodpressure medication, my self esteem is off the charts, I look younger and I feel sexy and above all else, I am healthy. Quotes
Darlena Kelly
Brand New Woman

Quotes My weight loss journey began with Julius in April 2010. I was nearly 200 lbs, size 16/18, lethargic, and plagued with the possibility of having to take blood pressure medicine. Like most people, I wanted an instant fix, but decided against it. Now, 11 months later I have lost approximately 25 lbs, and I am wearing a size 10/12. The best benefit of all is how I feel! My energy level has sky rocketed and my blood pressure is normal. During the past 11 months, my weight loss journey has not always been easy. I lead an extremely busy life. Nonetheless, I made a promise myself and kept it. I continually tell myself that is okay to be selfish where my health is concerned. That is why I consciously make an effort to exercise 4 times a week and make better choices where food is concerned. I am so grateful to Julius for motivating me along the way. Thank you Julius! Quotes
Crystal Hicks
My Weightloss Journey

Quotes My weight loss journey had been a roller coaster ride, until I started exercising regularly and eating a healthier diet. Initially, I started exercising a couple of days a week until I gradually built up to five days a week. Eventually, I joined a spinning class where I obtained wonderful results. I added more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to my diet. I avoid junk food as much as possible. With this life style change, I am now forty pounds lighter, off of high blood pressure medication, and feeling fabulous! Signed, Fit In My Forties Philippians 4:13 Quotes
Sabrina Revell
Fit in my fourties